9 types of Intelligence in brief

There are several ways to spot intellectual prowess asides the IQ test. The theory of multiple intelligence describes 9 areas where people can be proficient.

In this article, we’ll talk about each of them.

Naturalist intelligence

These people can easily spot changes in their surroundings. They can easily survive in nature.

They’re more observant and can distinguish colors, shapes and movements faster.

Musical intelligence

These ones are great with sounds. They can spot tones and pitches.

And are great at reproducing music.

Logical mathematical intelligence

They’re good at abstract symbolic thoughts. And can use letters and formulas to indicate a relationship between factors.

They’re good at carrying out hypothesis and quantifying data.

Existential intelligence

These ones are great philosophical thinkers. They’re good at coming up with questions that may not have a real definite answer.

They are excited about the deeper parts of life and love challenging concepts.

Interpersonal intelligence

These ones are great communicators. And can notice the changes in the moods of other people.

Their open-mindedness helps them succeed in jobs like teaching, acting and social work.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

These ones are great athletes and dancer.

They have high body to mind connection and enjoy figuring things out through experimentation.

Linguistic intelligence

These ones are great at understanding subtle differences in meaning. They learn new languages faster.

And people with this intelligence thrive in teaching, public speaking, writing, storytelling and journalism.

Intrapersonal intelligence

These ones are great at understanding their own feelings and thoughts. They’re good at motivating themselves.

These ones thrive in philosophy and psychology.

Spatial intelligence

These ones are good with activities that require mental manipulation of physical perspectives.

They’re good at painting, sculpting, drawing, graphic design, geography and architecture.

Which of these areas do you thrive?

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