Learn how I generated over $700K by Selling Digital Products, in 2 minutes

11 points of my $700K+ digital products business that took me 10 years to learn but I’ll teach you in 2 minutes.

1st point: Storytelling

Behind every successful business is a story.

A relatable story from point A to B.

Your target audience should relate with your story to buy from you.

2nd point: Positioning

How you tell your story determines the position of your offer.

Your positioning determines the audience you attract.

3rd point: Retention

Your story, position, offer determines the audience you keep and lose.

With boring story, wrong position and offer the prospect leaves.

A great story and offer gets you paid.

4th point: Revenue

Your story, offer and quality of audience brings revenue.

The audience you keep and the story you continually tell gets you paid over and over again.

5th point: Ability to handle loses

With revenue, your business can handle direct and indirect loses.

The higher the revenue, the better you can handle any loss.

6th point: Ability to adapt to changes

If your business can’t adapt to the changes in technology and customer needs, then it can’t last.

The faster you adapt, the longer you can last.

7th point: Ability to deliver

What did you promise?

Did you deliver and how fast?

What new changes are you planning?

Are your customers anticipating for the new changes?

You must answer these questions.

8th point: Connections

The connections you build determine;

• How much your business will make
• How long your business will last
• How fast your business grows

Build the right connections, have a great business.

9th point: Consistency

Your prospects will focus on themselves, always.

You have to show up, keep offering value and satisfy their needs to stay in business.

10th point: Patience

Not everything you plan for your business will go according to plan.

You must adapt and be wait for your time.

It might take time but not forever.

11th and Last point: Ability to learn

You must learn from;

• Other businesses
• Mistakes
• Mentors
• Books

The more and the fast you learn, the higher the chances you’ll stay in business.

See? It’s easy right!

Just start and you’ll find your way eventually.

Stay Positive Stay Strong

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