MuntasirMahdi Concerns

Muntasir Mahdi founded these businesses

The Silo - A Digital Product Storehouse

Silo is the first Bangladeshi digital products storehouse. Buy more than 1000+ digital products instantly from The Silo.


Cursillo - Quick Learning Hub

Cursillo is a community based educational short tutorial hub. We curate effective contents, micro and nano courses and short programs to save your crucial time.


ᴍᴀʜᴅɪ's ᴠɴᴏᴛᴇs

MuntasirMahdi collects voice notes.

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Historic Domains

Historic Domains collects premium domains and sell those domains to the highest bidder. It's an online premium & antique domains auction house.​


Risalah Magazine

RISALAH is the first Bangla subscription-based weekly online magazine on MARKETING, SALES, CONTENT & BUSINESS.

"Content is like a penis! Everyone thinks that size matters but ultimately the quality of the work matters most."

MuntasirMahdi Communities

Muntasir Mahdi is building these communities

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Muntasir's Community

4000+ Loyal members talking about marketing, sales, content, business and digital product creation.

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MuntasirMahdi Inner Circle

For 2300 TK, you can be a Inner Circle premium member and get all of my courses, books and booklets for FREE. 50+ Premium Members and counting.

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Digital Author's Society (DAS)

Digital Author's Society (DAS) is an online community for online writers, bloggers and authors. DAS helps keyboard warriors.

"Patience is a virtue, not a talent. So before saying that, you don't have patience; remember, it can be taught."