Sales Resources and Sales Tools

The ultimate list of sales resources and sales tools

6 Standout Sales Prospecting Techniques (And How to Get Them Started) – Sales prospecting is changing but there are still solid techniques that can be implemented today to attract prospects and boost your sales. Take a look at our top six sales prospecting tactics and how you can get them started right away.



Personality Crisis: Sales Motivation for Different Kinds of Salespeople – Every sales team has four kinds of salespeople: performers, professionals, caretakers and searchers. What traits do they have? What are their challenges? How can you motivate them?



Sales Manager’s Guide to Stress Management – Sales can be a stressful job. But that stress can be beneficial in a lot of ways. It helps drive activity. We talked with our regional sales managers to find out their tips for managing stress—for their team and themselves.



The Top 35 Sales Blogs Every Sales Professional Should Read – This list of impressive sales blogs is a valuable resource for the busy sales professional looking to get the boost of training, strategies and wisdom necessary to breeze past their sales quota. It’s a can’t-miss!



How We Made Our Sales Training More Effective by Making It Harder – At one company, it became increasingly obvious that the haphazard sales training model would lead to inconsistent rep ramp-up time, continued customer expectation problems, customer churn, and employee turnover. But after adopting four new training methods, they increased new sales by nearly 70%.



13 Top Sales Training Companies Share Their Best Tips – Sales training companies swoop in when numbers are low, quotas are miles away and morale is on the decline. Each one has a different take on what it really takes to hit numbers. Here are 13 tips from the biggest sales training companies in the country.



7 Tactics to Become a Social Selling Pro – Today’s consumers look to social media when they want to connect with brands and find information about potential products to purchase. If the brands they support aren’t making themselves available on those channels, then they’re missing a great opportunity.



The 18 Sales Blogs You Should Be Following – Between countless media outlets, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other sources of information, it can be tough to find precisely the news you need to be a better sales leader. These sales blogs are just the thing you need to create a thriving sales team.



Sales Hacker – Touted as “the media company for the next generation of sales,” Sales Hacker aims to uncover the innovative and cutting edge sales strategies, tactics and hacks that are being employed by the fastest growing companies in the world. With a range of content (100% user-generated) from ebooks and case studies to podcasts, videos and articles, there’s always resources worth diving into.



3 Biggest Challenges of Remote Sales Training and How to Overcome Them – In 2020, sales teams across the globe have been forced to transition to working remotely. For sales enablement managers, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant re-thinking existing training processes and adapting per the new constraints. Follow the link above to learn more.



Why B2B Sales Is Not a Numbers Game – Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader Anthony Iannarino has built a successful international career as a consultant and speaker. His YouTube channel features useful tips and information on leadership, prospecting, sales approaches, motivation and productivity.



Why Managers Matter – Explore not only the different aspects of the sales process, but also the way customers think, how AI can help sales operations, productivity, metrics and sales goals, and more. They are useful for both beginner and experienced salespeople who want to learn how to refine their skills set and become better at what they do.



3 Fatal Mistakes When Giving Your Price – You may not be closing more sales at full price because you are making three fatal mistakes.  Mark Hunter shows you how eliminating these three mistakes will be a boost to your sales profits.



Stunningly Unused Sales Tactics – Asking good sales questions is pivotal to your sales success. But what happens AFTER you ask these questions?



How to Teach Business Acumen to Salespeople – Learn about the importance of being able to talk numbers and finance with business leaders, with guest Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates.



The Science of Persuasion – In our increasingly busy world, with too much to do and not enough time to do it, there are a few shortcuts to accomplish what needs to get done more quickly and more easily. In this video, Dr. Robert Cialdini goes over these six shortcuts and their stunning results.



4 Essential Body Language Tips From a World-Champion Public Speaker – The way we convey ourselves when we speak in front of others is incredibly important. In this video, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, the 2014 Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking, talks about the crucial body language you must have to close the sale.



The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube – For bite-sized instruction on making your sales count, YouTube offers second-to-none training. Check out this compilation of sales training channels on YouTube to stay in the know.



How to Prospect like Salesforce: Pro Tips from the Official Sales Trainer with John Barrows – A solid foundational structure for prospecting is far more effective than any specific technique. In the age of readily available information, sales techniques carry an extremely short shelf life as they’re quickly rendered ineffective as soon as they become widely known and implemented.



Conversations with Women in Sales – Learn and be inspired by women who share practical advice for adapting to current and future trends in sales, plus how they inspire themselves and others to be at the top of their game every day.



Sales Hacker Podcast – The Sales Hacker podcast was created to help B2B sales professionals get better at their jobs by doing it smarter. It’s your resource for learning and career growth.



B2B Growth – A daily podcast for B2B marketers. Co-hosted by a braintrust of people that would never use a word like braintrust.



Young Hustlers – Cardone and Glandt bring you the tools you need to succeed in the 21st Century. Plenty of you want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to 9-to-5 and are hungry for a mentor who gives you the raw and real deal. Grant doesn’t care what your age is, he knows you’re a Young Hustler.



The Salesmen Podcast – With the tagline, “Learn how to thrive in sales” and daily episodes, it’s no wonder Barron’s site reaches more than half a million people each week. Content includes interviews with the world’s leading sales experts to sharing actionable advice you can use right now to close more deals.



The Sales Evangelist – The message of The Sales Evangelist is simple: Everyone can learn to sell and do big things. Anyone can take control of their life and create a meaningful lifestyle they deserve. Along with the podcast, you can also find resources for training, sales consulting, online courses, keynote presentations, webinars and more.



Cold Call Hero – A brutally honest dive into the world of a salesperson with real recorded sales calls. Sales professional Daniel Hill records, plays and dissects real life cold calls where he’s prospecting, discovering, setting appointments, saying the wrong thing, saying the right thing, messing up and winning.



3 Tactical Ways Sales Reps Can Stay On Top of Their Game While Working From Home  – Working from home is new to most of us, especially in sales. So, how can sales reps cope with the distractions, remain disciplined and stay on top of their game working at home?



HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification Course (FREE COURSE) – This popular inbound marketing software not only helps your marketing team collect impressive leads on your website—they’re experts in the world of sales, too. Take this free inbound sales certification course and master the basics of inbound sales.



ExecVision Call Camp (FREE COURSE) – Similar to the way a sports analyst might breakdown game film for ESPN, Steve Richard breaks down different types of sales calls for what works and what doesn’t in his webinars. These sessions are all content with no fluff—just real insights on how to better interact with buyers.



Top Sales World (FREE COURSE) – Top Sales World is a wonderful online sales course. With near-daily online courses delivered by some of the world’s most impressive sales leaders, Top Sales World “(has) designed the most comprehensive free online sales program ever created.”



FRONTLINE Selling (FREE COURSE) – Gain a thorough knowledge and understanding on current trends of inside sales and social selling. Their free webinars cover a wide range of topics from prospecting and engaging leads to B2B sales and social selling.



Salesforce – Salesforce, the ubiquitous customer success platform designed to help sales teams achieve their goals, also has an impressive number of resources online to steer teams toward their goals. Whatever your business need, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and business insights.



10 of the Best Sales Books to Read in 2021 – If you truly want to be a better salesperson, a better leader, a better speaker, a better writer, or a better person, it starts by studying the craft. What better way that read some of the best sales books around?