Hey, you.

Here is my short story.

I was in class five. I wanted to be a doctor like other kids. I was doing what other kids were doing at that time.

My family was conservative, not too much neither too less; the "right spoonful of conservativeness" I had to "take" at that age.

I was at a concert one time. I wanted to be a singer from then!
I was playing football and so I wanted to be a footballer, too!
I was playing guitar one day, I wanted to start a band. Alas!

I was doing what I had to seen all the time at that age.

I wasn't sure about my passion, my career.
I wasn't sure about my future. My life. My breath.
I wasn't sure at all.

And one day I found my passion.
My future. My career. My breath. My love.

Oh, yeah!

I wanted to write. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to be a content creator.
I wanted to write books, news, articles, features....everything!

I wanted to create thousands of contents without even drinking a sip of water. I wanted to create thousands of contents in every month without giving a shit about money. I wanted to create thousands of contents for free for all the time.

I wanted to create content for recreation. I wanted to create content for god's sake. I wanted to create content for every moment. I wanted to breath content.

But how? How did I find my passion over night?

One night I was just scrolling my instagram feed (@muntasir.mahdi) and I saw a picture. The picture was a quote of 'a person's perspective on positivity'.


That man, my idol was Gary Vaynerchuk, the Gary Vee!

I just love Gary. He is good at freakin' everything.

From Gary, I learned a lot. I learned how to cope up with negativity, how to deal with negative people, how to do business, how to create content with a shitload of creativity and passion.

Maaaan! I could've learned so freakin' much from him, in front obviously!


That's how I wanted to do content, wanted to create creativity, wanted to spread positivity with my contents.

But I learned a lot from other great peoples too.

I ain't have any chance to meet with these great personas like Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Peng Joon, Millionaire Mentor and hundreds more!

But I want to and I will. INSHALLAH!

And from then, I started writing. I started creating content. I started learning business, marketing and sales. I started learning human psychology, sociology and other things too.

I did a full dive with my learning and I got out back successfully.

Hey Guys!

Sorry for that loooong and boriiiiiing introduction.

And... oh yeah!

Sorry If your fingers are now bleeding from pain! 😀

Yeah, like I'm Iron Man 😉


You don't give a shit! I know!

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A city man who loves to think and find new problems along the way.

Yeap, that's me!

I have first hand practical experience working in more than six startups.

I found that nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems and contributing to the overall growth of a business, sales, content and marketing sector.


I’m helping businesses make their marketing and sales more human and professional with my ideas and techniques.

I’m here to help you grow as a person and as a marketer.
I enjoy talking about the future of our life and marketing as well.

Through online programs and courses, I’ve reached more than tens of thousands of people from all walks of life.

My mission is to inspire people in marketing, sales, content creation and business sector. It is no longer business as usual. I’m here to help you grow your positivity through the roof.

Welcome to a project (my mission) that escaped the lab!


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