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Muntasir Mahdi was Rokomari best seller author
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Digital Marketing-e Hatekhari‘ & ‘Brainfluence: The Psychology of Marketing.

Muntasir Mahdi is writing articles, stories and books for 9 years.
He wrote for Youth Carnival, Banglahub and many more blogs.

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Muntasir Mahdi trained more than 15000 students in Bangladesh
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Muntasir Mahdi created the best social media marketing and social media agency courses in Bangladesh.
The Social Media Marketing Agency Course is the
FIRST Bangla course on social media agency, created by none other than Muntasir Mahdi.
Muntasir Mahdi, created more than 5000 freelancers and more than 150 digital agency owners in Bangladesh,
are his students. These freelancers and agency owners are generating
more than 10 Lacs Bangladeshi Taka, every single month!

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Muntasir Mahdi is not so interesting, though.
Totally straight-cut person. He talks whatever he thinks is right.
Originally from Sylhet, Bangladesh. But, grew in Ashuganj, Bangladesh.
Muntasir Mahdi structured his mindset, after not getting any support from ANYONE.
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Optimiser, Muntasir Mahdi's training institute, located in Sylhet.
Optimiser trained more than 200 students from Sylhet.
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Ashency is one of the best creative agency in Bangladesh,
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Ashency is founded by Muntasir Mahdi.
Till now Ashency worked with more than 50+ clients from Bangladesh.

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Muntasir Mahdi has been featured in many Bangladeshi national newspapers like,
Janakantha, Ittefaq, KalerKantha, Jagonews24, Bangladesh Pratidin and more...

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