Hello – I’m Muntasir Mahdi. I help people monetize their skills and knowledge.

[My Founding Story]

From a young age, growing up in Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria, my passion was always rooted in technology and storytelling. Born on August 25, 1997, in Sylhet, I spent my early years crafting stories and diving deep into the world of programming.

My journey into the digital realm truly began when I started developing and selling software scripts during my computer science studies at Sylhet International University.

Despite my academic pursuits, I chose to follow my passion for digital products and marketing. Dropping out of university after my second year, I dedicated myself fully to building a career around my interests.

By 2025, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from the School of Business and Trade (SOBAT).

[The Breakthrough]

My first taste of significant success came with the publication of my books, Digital Marketing-e Hatekhori and Brainfluence: The Psychology of Marketing, both of which became bestsellers. This was the stepping stone to my journey into online courses, where my Digital Marketing Professional Course saw over 30,000 enrollments from 2020 to 2023. 

Now, my online courses (10+) have amassed over 50 million views, and I have published five bestselling books, including Facebook A to Z, Digital Sales: The Future of Sales, and Copywriting: The Future of Content Writing.

My practical experience spans creating and monetizing over 20 types of digital products, generating substantial revenue and impacting thousands of lives.

[Redesigning My Life]

In 2017, while balancing my studies and budding career, I realized the traditional path wasn’t for me. I wanted more—freedom to explore my passions, to innovate, and to create.

This led to the creation of my own business focused on digital products and community building.

I believe that community is the key to a better future, which is why I’ve dedicated myself to training and mentoring over 200 agencies, businesses, and personal brands, impacting more than 25,000 students and started investing my time in different types of community building.

[What I Do Now]

I run a one-person business that helps solopreneurs transform their skills and thrive in the digital economy.

When I’m not working on my business, I’m exploring new ways to support small businesses with different money making and growth strategies.

My aim is to transform businesses into unique, authentic entities with a strong human touch.

[My Philosophy]

I believe every business has the potential to be unique and successful if they embrace authenticity and creativity.

My mission is to help solopreneurs and small businesses find their unique voice, create transformative digital products, and achieve long-term growth.

I write about six topics to transform your work and life.

I want to help you design your days and chase your true passions.

Freedom to break free from the traditional grind

Freedom to shape your days

Freedom to pursue your passions

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